Cinco días se interesa por EPC Tracker

En su última edición, el prestigioso periódico económico Cinco Días se interesó en nuestra app para la gestión de proyectos EPC o ¨llave en mano¨ con el objetivo de aparecer reflejada entre los proyectos más atractivos pertenecientes al ecosistema emprendedor nacional en la actualidad.

Para todos los que trabajamos día a día para hacer de Evolucionapp una referencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones móviles, es una enorme satisfacción formar parte de este selecto número de proyectos que se recoge en la edición especial a la que hacemos referencia.

Nuestro CEO Mario Rondán, en representación de todo el equipo que hace posible desarrollar herramientas tan innovadoras y disruptivas como EPC Tracker, realizó una entrevista que reproducimos a continuación, donde explica el hueco de mercado que cubre EPC Tracker y la estrategia a seguir para su afianzamiento en el mercado.

maqueta-cinco-diasIn its latest edition, the renowned spanish economic neewspaper  Cinco Días got interested in our app for managing EPC projects in order to be up front regarding the most appealing projects belonging to the technological entrepreneurial spanish ecosystem.

For our team, which works very hard and determinated to get Evolucionapp as a reference involving apps development, this interview has been a great satisfaction for being considered among this most valued projects.

Our CEO, Mario Rondán, on behalf of the whole team that makes possible to develop such kind of innovative tools as EPC Tracker, made this interview which we reproduce and translate next, in which it is explained the need that EPC Tracker meets and the roadmap to be followed for conquering the market.


There is no direct competitors regarding EPC Tracker

In 2012 september, the cofounders of Evolucionapp were able to tackle an entrepreneurial project involving mobile app developing.After an in-depth market study, the developed EPC Tracker, an app which introduce mobile devices in EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) project management.

What market need are you supposed to meet with this product?

We want to avoid changes that negatively affects the starting planning once construction phase starts, which is equal to the loosing of large amount of money. We do that by getting planning up to date, optimizing activities and incidences management, streamlining communication and work processes, bringing closer team work and taking advantage of the know how which lies in the company.

What advantages does EPC Tracker have in comparison with competitors?

There is no direct competitors regarding EPC Tracker. There are solutions and apps which tap into partial solutions, and you need to used at the same time different tools. EPC Tracker is an integral solution focused in the center where major and more expensive problems arise, those originated in the job field. A great asset is that we count on the expertise of top professional belonging EPC project management, who have conveyed to us their very appreciated knowledge so we can impregnate with it the architecture and usability of the app.

What is your target profile?

Mainly, large contractors awarded with EPC contracts, even though our crossplatform app can be used by smaller companies too. We are speaking about large companies which bid for be awarded for managing international construction of big infrastructures, which need to take out or even improve the margins they forecast to obtain for running the project.

What tools do you use to contact such kind of clients?

From its conception our product is global, because of that we use digital media that already exist to get in touch with international clients.Is very significant to be able to reach the decision makers in this companies, we speak about high level contacts, of which we are supplied  by the top professional mentioned above.

What are you company goals in medium term?

Our medium term goal is to get  a solid establishment as app development company and running EPC Tracker in several of the large contractors which have seen in EPC Tracker a powerful tool, by taking advantage of being the first in the market in order to lead the development of the innovative management tools for the EPC sector and become the reference provider of technological solutions.


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